Meeting Calendar 2011



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January 21

February 18

Woman of the Year Celebration

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March 18

April 15

Annual Hats Luncheon

May 20   

June 17

Annual Business Luncheon

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July 15
August 19

Mary Contreras, LUTCF

September 16

Annual”Gentlemen’s Lunch”

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October 21

13th Anniversary Celebration


November 18

Spirit of Scottsdale

Philanthropy Partner:

December16Holiday Luncheon    


For thirteen years, the Women of Scottsdale organization has been responsible for gathering together the best and the brightest women in our community. These women meet on a regular basis in a spirit of shared interests and an honest desire to help one another. In addition to the obvious enjoyment of these lively luncheons, I have never left one of its gatherings without having learned something of value from another member or guest. The great variety of successful, interesting women is always a source of true delight. As a special feature, its regular membership is constantly being revitalized by the presence of new members and varied guests mixing with veteran businesswomen of the community.
Wink Blair, Wink, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ